Virtual Reality Goggles



  • Tons of free VR apps available
  • Durable, high-quality build
  • English instructions and simple setup
  • Head strap with three points of adjustment
  • Lenses of high quality
  • System of touchpad activation
  • There is no assembly required.
  • Setup of QR code with smartphone
  • hygienic and simple to clean


  • Single conductive strip trigger touchpad
  • 140mm X 85mm X 93mm – dimensions
  • 168 grams – Packaged weight
  • 37mm export grade acrylic glass lenses
  • 45mm – focal length
  • interpupillary distance – 63mm


Virtual reality glasses – Goggles VR — for marketing, education, and entertainment. Your smartphone and Goggles VR combine to make a powerful virtual reality headset.

There’s a lot you can do with Goggles VR – for more information, see the Goggles VR Uses page. All iPhones are compatible with Goggles VR. To enable VR, Android phones must have a gyro sensor. If you have an Android phone, download the EZE VR app from Google Play to see if it will function before you place your order.