WHAT are 360-degree VIDEOs?

360-degree Videos can be uploaded to a streaming website such as YouTube – you can simply click play and enjoy. These videos are filmed in a way that captures everything in the direction it is pointed, making it possible for the viewer to look around while watching the video. It can also be watched in a Virtual Reality Headset for a more realistic and engaging experience.

Although it might seem easy to make 360-degree videos, you would still need the right equipment for quality videos. That’s where we come in! Here at Virtual Reality South Africa we have a group of experts to film and create 360 videos. We never settle for less than the best and that is why we use the best equipment on the mark. We have several professional high-end 360-degree video cameras that record in 8K video offering high-end professional 360-degree video footage – as well as a 360-degree video production team to put it all together.

360-degree Videos

Frequently Asked Questions:

360 videos are used to immerse a viewer in the experience to make it feel like they were there. The user gets the look and feel of the environment you are trying to promote in the comfort of their home. It is then easier to engage with people over the internet and can be a useful marketing strategy.

Virtual Reality uses a digital world where the user can walk around and interact with their environment. A full experience of VR requires a headset and the user isn’t controlled by the filmmaker of their physical location and motivates the user to head in the direction of the story. 360 videos are live action videos which limit the user to a 360 degrees view of their environment. It is available on mobile and desktop devices and on websites such as YouTube. The user’s physical location is controlled by the filmmaker and it has to capture the user’s intention to direct the story.

360 Videos can be watched on any mobile devices, laptops, desktops – basically anything with a screen – as well as Virtual Reality Headsets. Simply click play on a video you would like to watch and drag your mouse around to view the entire 360 environment. If you’re on a VR headset just look around. It’s as easy as that!


Our Cape Town offices offer 360° video production services in Cape Town, the Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Namibia and Botswana as well as international.

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Our company is based in Roodepoort, Johannesburg South Africa. We offer 360° video production services in Gauteng, Northwest, Limpopo and Mpumalanga and other South African Provinces and Internationally.

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In Conclusion

If you need content to promote your product or service, we can help. Our video production team is ready and waiting to create a 360-degree video for you that will get people talking about what they are seeing in new ways. We have the expertise necessary to make sure every detail of your project is taken care of with top notch quality so there are no missed opportunities on social media channels like Facebook Live or YouTube videos which often offer the best way for us marketers to reach our target audience.