What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is a method of augmenting one’s surroundings by layering visual, audio, or other visual information on the actual world.

Virtual reality completely replaces the user’s reality with a virtual one, whereas augmented reality alters one’s present perception of a real-world environment.

The overlaid visual system may be advantageous by contributing to the surrounding environment or destructive by hiding the natural world around you, but it is seamlessly integrated with the actual world to the point that it is considered an immersive element of the real world.

Businesses and other organizations may use AR technology to advertise their products and services, improve marketing campaigns, and collect unique user data.

Why use augmented reality ?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Augmented reality is used in higher education for a variety of purposes. Faculty use augmented reality platforms to build educational materials and include gamification into curricula. Teachers can use augmented reality to materialize abstract notions to help students grasp and comprehend difficult subjects.

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