Virtual Reality Events

Virtual Reality Events South Africa is involved in a number of activation events in South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world. Virtual Reality events is a platform mainly used to provide insight and information of how different virtual reality apps work  with the assistance of our highly trained staff to help you get a better understanding of different Virtual Reality apps.

Virtual Reality Events range from virtual tours mainly designed for the tourism industry, property development virtual reality events to educational virtual reality events which are designed specifically for the Education sector allowing teachers and student to have a different perspective about education and for business marketing in general.


Our team comprises of highly trained staff which are capacitated to operate the high-end technology for your enjoyment during the virtual reality events experience. Our programmers are architects and the masterminds  behind the mind blowing creation of our immersive experiences which you get to test during our virtual reality events.

Virtual Reality team at a virtual reality event

Here are some of our virtual reality events

KwaZulu Natal Tourism Virtual Reality Event

Tourism is one of the biggest industries across the globe with an expected revenue of R8 Billion rand and everyone wants to get a chance of paying a visit to their most desired destination. Virtual Reality South Africa was recently summoned to create a virtual reality experience for the KwaZulu-Natal tourism in one of it’s virtual reality event showcasing the rich culture, warm beaches and a rich view of the coastal scenery, it’s mountains, the Safari destination of Hlihluwe-imfolozi Park, and showcase the traditions of the indigenous Zulu people.

KwaZulu Natal Tourism Virtual Reality Event setup

Virtual Reality Event staff taking a person through a virtual reality bungee jumping experience of the KwaZulu Natal Tourism.

Virtual Reality Event of KwaZulu Natal Tourism surfing experience

Virtual Reality Event in Sports and Recreation

Sports and recreation are the most important instruments for creating livelihood and driving change in our communities and with our virtual reality event experiences that provide an immersive and high simulation experiences with little difference in the actual activity itself.

A virtual reality event soccer game experience

Virtual Reality Event in employee or staff training

For the corporate environment time is money, with the time and money spent on training staff to ensure efficiency in the daily operations could be affected and with our virtual reality event experience that provide you with virtual reality event solutions to make it easier for staff training without leaving the office or spending hours in training.

Corporate staff during a virtual reality event training

At our virtual reality events we give you all the amazing simulative experience of enjoying an almost like a real experiences in most of life’s realities and adventures without much time and money spent on travelling.

During our virtual reality events our highly trained team of individuals will ensure to provide you with hygienically clean high-end technology such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest for your experience of what it feels like to walk inside a simulative computer program with the use of our high-end technology.