What are virtual tours?

I think looking at virtual reality tours has an of element of digital marketing because it means you are able to immerse a person or people in a space which they are physically not but almost feels and looks like they are there using high-end virtual reality headsets such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

HTC Vive in virtual reality tours

These pair of high-end virtual reality headsets allow a user to be visually immersed in another space as though they were physically there through a virtual tour. it looks like she’s gone skiing on the snow with a virtual tour.

The concept of virtual tours can divided in a number of subtopics which might sound like it’s a repetition of actions in virtual reality however the customization for each virtual reality tour is different.

Virtual Reality Tours in tourism

I think virtual tours in tourism is one of the most interesting developed concepts of virtual reality.  It allows you to experience the beauty and adventures of your desired location without being physically there.

The below image shows a little girl in a surfing virtual tour experience of KwaZulu Natal tourism while she was in Botswana during one of our activation events for the KwaZulu Natal tourism in Botswana.

[WATCH] KwaZulu Natal tourism virtual tour experience in Botswana

Virtual Tours have an interesting ability of allowing you to experience the adventures of your favourite destination in any part of the world without any travelling effort it basically brings any part of the world to your virtual space for a simulative and highly immersive virtual tour experience.

Virtual Tours in real estate

Virtual tours in real estate allow a person to view a potential property to purchase without having go through travelling expenditures and time and a person can have a 360° virtual tour of the property of choice. A person in Johannesburg can be able to view a 3D model of a desired property in Cape Town without travelling.

Below is a 3D model virtual tour of a property

Click on the image to view full property

Virtual Tours like any other virtual reality app which have broader perspective of how they can be used to improve our daily lives. So if someone asked what are virtual tours? This article has given a brief view of what virtual tours and how they can be used, however there’s limitless ideas of how virtual tours can be refined my master minds and pioneers of virtual reality app development.

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