My name is Ziyanda Yono, and today was my first day as an intern at Virtual Reality South Africa. Today I explored what is virtual reality.

I have always wanted to understand and know more of what virtual reality is and today couldn’t have been a better day to have that unleashed before my eyes.

Ever watched the matrix or maybe wondered how it feels like to walk in the reality of your own imagination? Well allow me to share my experience with you”.

Virtual Reality is a technology that bridges the gap between computers and humans and how they interact by providing an immersive interactive experience of the computer world in both audio and visual between computer programs and humans.

Different virtual reality programs I learned today

Virtual Reality Fishing

Today I learned how to fish using virtual reality and everything was real including the space, buzzing flies and the cold atmosphere of a fishing pond and I almost forgot I was standing in one room only to be reminded by a chair I almost fell on. I even caught a fish which I never caught in reality meaning there’s very little gap between virtual space and reality.

Virtual Reality Gaming

In my attempts trying to understand controllers which are used when engaging in virtual experience I accidentally selected a boxing game which landed me on the foot of a huge and scary boxing giant. The space was so real in such a way as I was trying to punch the beast but ended up punching a wall and a radio speaker because of the immersive experience provided by virtual reality.

Basically, most things I never attempted to try, virtual reality provided just the experience from standing on planks on high buildings to flying over the city’s tallest buildings and everything was real before my eyes through virtual reality and became a warrior.

What do I hope to learn in virtual reality?

I think virtual reality has the ability to transform and make learning and human interaction easier, it will be very key and needed for the future from business to leisure and anything you can think of doing in the universe. It brings anything from the world right before you and I wish to learn how it can be used as business tool, tourism, marketing, education and learning and how corporate industry can effectively use this tool.

I would also like to learn how the media industry can use virtual reality especially in movie production with films such as Jurassic world and other types of movies that can make people view the world in a different way.

I would also love to know how the Health Sector can use virtual reality in psychology without clients having to attend actual sessions and I have also learned it can also inspire an element of intelligence making me curious of how such a digital space can inspire education.

In age where people all over the world seek better ways of doing business or exploring the wonders of the world by eliminating the efforts, travel time and costs incurred. Virtual reality is fast becoming a substitute to interact with your imaginations in real time or replica of the real world in the comfort of your own your space.

I would also love to learn how it has been championed and perfected to assist the business sector to develop interactive business platforms for corporates in order to improve services for their clients.

The immersive experiences or interactions provided by this technology can bring a new way in which people can view the world or other aspects of a given reality and bridging the time and distance barrier for many.

Summary What is Virtual Reality?

To answer the question, although most of the day I was learning how to use high end virtual reality, I strongly believe virtual reality is becoming the future of how humans will interact with computers in real time.