Our Company Virtual Reality South Africa is a Virtual Reality Marketing,  Software and Application Development Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We specialize in Virtual Reality, Metaverse, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Applications for Marketing, Training, Education and Gamification.

We custom develop applications ranging from 360° Virtual Reality videos to high-end Virtual Reality applications and games for brands. Our company are  a one stop shop for all kinds of virtual reality solutions both hardware and software. We also rent out virtual reality headsets and equipment for events and activation.

Welcome to Virtual Reality South Africa, a company focusing and specialising on high end virtual reality and augmented reality solutions based in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Technologies are rapidly changing. What seemed impossible at one time, became a tool later on with the new inventions. Phones, computers, projectors and other innovations contributed to education and business all-together. Now, we are at the time when Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming the key innovation spreading across various platforms, providing unique solutions to businesses. This is the ultimate advantage of your industry that your company can get today in terms of local and international PR, effectiveness, profit and future perspective.


To design and produce cutting edge virtual reality and mixed reality development, 2D and 3D modelling, 360° video production and filming, 360° photography and 3D animation.

Our services have made us one of the largest suppliers of virtual reality equipment which are also available for rental for events and activations in and out of South Africa.

We are committed in ensuring that people, corporates, commercial industry and media are prepared to embrace the age of the 4th industrial revolution by introducing and designing our high end virtual and augmented reality solutions and has made us one the largest suppliers of virtual reality equipment in South Africa with over 20 years of experience in the field.



A three-dimensional environment or image with a generated simulation that is interactive giving the user an immersive experience with little to almost no difference of the physical world by using high end specialized equipment.


A high end technology that provides a composite view of the real world by allowing the user to physically interact with the computer programs in real time.


A video and photography spherical or orbit view of a scenario or area providing a view from front, back and the sides of a particular image or video using highly specialized 360° video cameras.


Computer generated technology to merge both virtual and real-world objects or environments in real time.


An immersive experience of a location with a 360’ panoramic view or sequential view of videos or still images of inaccessible areas due to time, expenses and logistical challenges for people or companies in a particular field of work or study and can be specifically customized to meet the users needs.


We design 3D environments and objects for companies including assets to be advertised either for printing or websites with a wide range of top-notch modellers and artists that create and design 3D models.


Our company offers a wide range and variety of high-end virtual reality equipment for hire such as:


A first of its kind and probably the biggest in South Africa at the moment which is designed in 6° Degrees of Freedom (6° DOF) – a more sophisticated but not hard to use VR System that tracks the entire human body and head using sensors and room scale technology.


Our events include activation programs for corporates and commercial companies including science experiment education, corporate gaming for banks and display of virtual shopping through virtual marketing especially for the retail and tourism industry not excluding art.

Our services and work have made virtual reality South Africa the dominating experts and offer our clients a chance to change their view and experience of the world through our amazing visual development and our high-end technology and we are still growing and driving innovation.