Virtual Reality South Africa

Welcome to Virtual Reality South Africa. We are a company that creates virtual reality marketing, software, and application development. We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our focus is on virtual reality, metaverse, augmented reality, and mixed reality applications for business purposes like marketing, training, education, and gamification.

We create custom applications for businesses. This can be anything from 360° Virtual Reality videos to high-end Virtual Reality applications and games. We are a one-stop shop for all kinds of virtual reality solutions, both software and hardware. We also rent out virtual reality headsets and equipment for events and activations.

Welcome to Virtual Reality South Africa. We focus on and specialize in high end virtual reality and augmented reality solutions. Our company is based in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Different technologies are always changing. In the past, things were not possible, but now they are because of new inventions. Therefore, phones, computers, projectors and other innovations have helped education and business grow. Right now Virtual Reality (VR) is an important technology that is being used by businesses in many different ways. This is because VR offers a big advantage to your company – it provides many benefits including local and international PR, effectiveness, profit and a good future outlook.


Virtual Reality South Africa creates cutting-edge virtual reality and mixed reality. We also do 2D and 3D modelling, 360° video production and filming, 360° photography, and 3D animation.

Our company is a large company that sells virtual reality equipment. We have many different types of equipment, and we rent them out to people who want to use it at home or for events.

We are committed to making sure that people, companies, the commercial industry and the media are ready for the 4th industrial revolution. One way we do this is by designing high-end virtual reality solutions. Above all else, we want to help them by introducing these solutions. And with over 20 years of experience in this field, we are one of the largest suppliers of VR equipment in South Africa.



A 3D environment is a place that you can visit. It looks like the real world, but it may not be. You can interact with things in it, or just look around.


A high-tech computer program that shows you the real world. You can touch it and feel what is happening in it.


A video and photography spherical or orbit view of a scenario or area providing a view from all around the image or video using highly specialized 360° video cameras.


Computer generated technology that can put a person in a virtual world and have them interact with the real world.

Virtual Reality South Africa Virtual Tours


A 360 degree panoramic view of an area is a good way to see all the sides of it. This can be helpful for people who want to know what is there or for companies. The experience can be customized by the person using it.

Virtual Reality South Africa 3D Modeling


We design 3D environments and objects for companies. Companies advertise them by printing or putting them on the internet. We have great designers and artists who make 3D models.

Virtual Reality South Africa Rentals


Our company can offer you a lot of different types of high-quality virtual reality equipment for hire.

Virtual Reality South Africa Headsets


This is the first and biggest VR system of its kind. If you use it, you can move your body around in a room. This is hard to do but not too hard.


We offer programs for employees of different industries. For example, companies in the retail industry might want to do a science experiment. Companies in the banking industry might want to play a video game together. We also have art exhibitions that are open to all of your company’s employees.

In conclusion, we make and sell virtual reality in South Africa. With out skilled team of experts we believe we are the best company. We offer our clients an opportunity to change their view of the world through amazing visuals and high-end technology. Our business is growing because we always innovate.